I’m Starting A Life Quest

Well, to be fair, I started my life quest about 2 months ago, but hadn’t considered blogging about it until now.  So far, I’m finding the experience quite enjoyable and more productive than other traditional means of accomplishing a to-do list.

What is a Life Quest?

I was first introduced to the idea of a Life Quest by a blogger I have followed for quite some time, Brent Ozar, who came across the idea from Nerd Fitness.

Essentially, the idea is that you create a list of things you want to do (a.k.a. the bucket list).  These things can be anything from writing a blog post to visiting a foreign country to getting that promotion.  Once you complete something off your list, cross it off and move on to something else on the list.  After you complete 5 tasks, you “level-up” to the next level.  Everyone starts at level 1 and there is no limit to how many levels you can complete.

When I started my life quest, I had about 20 items in my list.  While I’m still at level 1, I’ve crossed off 1 item, added about 5 more, and have 4 other items in progress.

Why start a Life Quest?

Good question!  An even better one would be: why did I wait so long to start one?

I’ve always been a very task-focused, productivity nut who loves to learn and get things done.  Towards my later college years and pretty much every year after, I have adopted several productivity mechanisms for accomplishing things I want to do in life.  To-do lists, reminders, calendars, you name it – I probably tried it.  While I felt these were good in keeping me organized, I found that they also seemed quite rigid and too structured.  Basically, I felt like I had to work on each item in order.  Good in theory, not so much in practice.

After studying the life quest approach, what really spoke to me was:

  1. How consolidated everything could be.  No more multiple lists.
  2. While it is essentially still a list, I could work on anything I wanted in any order I chose.  This helps when you’re interests change frequently.
  3. It helps to keep track of what you have accomplished in your life.  Since you write everything down on the list, it’s easy to look back at your work.

How do you start and maintain your life quest?

This is the easiest part of the process.  I have 1 list in my Microsoft To-Do app labeled “Life Quest”.  Every time I think of something I want to do, see, or experience, I write it in this list.  Every now and again when I journal (what, you don’t journal regularly?), I open the list in the app and see where I am, what I’m working on, what is ending soon, and what I’d like to work on next.  This not only plays to my organizational side, but keeps me focused and productively moving forward.

The one downside to this approach is that there is not really an efficient way of tracking progress without doing more operational work to the list (or app).  This doesn’t really hinder my use of the life quest technique as I pretty much know where I stand on each item, but it is one call-out I think should be noted.

So what do you think?  Want to try creating a life quest of your own?  Go for it!

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