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Filling the Cloud Data Integration Gap

The cloud as we know it is here to stay. Given how quickly it has been developed, deployed, and adopted, coupled with its pay-as-you-go pricing model, it’s no wonder why so many of today’s top organizations and new entrants are continuing to embrace all the cloud has to offer. However, as a data management professional, there has always been one thing I felt was missing from the cloud: Data Integration. What is Data Integration? Simply put, data integration encompasses how

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I’m Starting A Life Quest

Well, to be fair, I started my life quest about 2 months ago, but hadn’t considered blogging about it until now.  So far, I’m finding the experience quite enjoyable and more productive than other traditional means of accomplishing a to-do list. What is a Life Quest? I was first introduced to the idea of a Life Quest by a blogger I have followed for quite some time, Brent Ozar, who came across the idea from Nerd Fitness. Essentially, the idea is

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Why I’m Giving Informatica A Second Look

Way back when First, a little history: I have over a decade’s worth of IT experience mainly focused in the data and analytics space. And while this may not seem like much experience compared to other industries, to make a straight apples-to-apples comparison would not make sense considering how fast technology moves. In fact, I’ve heard the conversion ratio is 3 years’ experience in IT is equivalent to 1 year experience outside of IT. This may be hear-say, but I tend

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About Me

I love empowering people and organizations to use data! I’m a seasoned enterprise data architect and strategist with over 10 years of experience delivering high value data and analytics solutions. I am well versed in a multitude of different industries ranging from global insurance agencies to local non-profit organizations. I have excelled in developing and implementing all aspects of enterprise architecture solutions using solid best practices and best-in-class technology.

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